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Top Secret Cosmetics introduces a new line of:
A. Perfumes
We are using the world’s best fragrances, compounds, ingredients and the secret formulas of the famous brands. Combining “The European art of perfumery” and the modifications are resulting in a longer lasting perfume. Top Secret Perfumes also uses 100% natural, special compounds that protects and reliefs your skin. Once you have tried one of our perfumes, you will discover the oily structure of them. The perfumes are available in 10 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml bottles. We are proud to say: “Top Secret lasts longer than the originals!”

B. Body lotions
Manufactured with the best lotions and fragrances, you only have to use a minimum to gain the best results. A soft, smooth and a fragrant body is what everyone wants. Our body lotions come in 50 or 100 grams tubes. 

C. Shower gels
The world’s best pearly structured shower gel and the world’s best fragrances are combined in this product. One or two drops of our shower gel are sufficient for your entire body. A shower gel with your favorite scent will make your shower a delightful pleasure. As up to now, our shower gels are available in a standard 250 ml packaging. Upon request, various volumes are available. For example, hotel guests packaging of 5 or 10 ml, are available.

D. Deodorant. (in development)
Currently, Top Secret Cosmetics are developing a new deodorant for men and women. It is not an antiperspirant (sweating less is unhealthy) but it will exterminate any odor you might produce for a very long time. It will also be available in your favorite fragrance. For people with sensitive skin, we may say that our deodorant is alcohol-free.

E. Ingredients and sources
All by Top Secret Cosmetics used ingredients are FDA-approved. No animal testing is being used in Top Secret Cosmetics products. We are using 100% natural, herbal ingredients, to obtain the world’s best results.


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