A. To name or not to name, that is the question? 
Why invest lots of money in research, or finding names for perfumes we’re manufacturing that aren’t already officially registered or existing trademarks. It means also creating recognition and more. We have given it a thought. Eventually the consumer must pay for these investments. We would like to keep our products simple and affordable for everyone.

B. Numbering our fragrances.
What is easier than remembering a name? Remembering a number. So we have given our fragrances a number. Each number is in line with a world famous fragrance. We started with 80 world’s most used fragrances. You can find these fragrances in our TOP 80 list. 

On our website, you can find over 300 fragrances. Also in our web shop all fragrances have a number that’s in line with a famous fragrance. You’re able to find more information about each fragrance on our website.

C. Recognition.
Recognition of our packaging is easier when using a standard for each product. We have chosen for a milky-white transparent packaging for all of our products.
  • The colour “milky-white” has psychological advantages. Firstly, white is healthy. Toxic substances are mostly referred to in other colours.
  • A non transparent packaging has many disadvantages. For example you can’t see how much is left inside. A transparent packaging won’t surprise you with sudden emptiness. 
  • Milky-white and transparent?
  • We can provide the content with a color what would shine through the packaging slightly. This could identify the fragrance or product easier.


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