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Top Secret International Co,. Ltd. thanks you for having interest. 
Top Secret International Co,. Ltd is founded in 2012 giving the world the opportunity enjoying world's famous perfumes, fragrances, body lotions, showergels and deodorants for a reasonable price. 
Our philosophy is: Why pay more for an original product while you can have the benefit of a better product, costing a fraction of the original?
More than 75% of the price for purchasing an original product is spend on the name and the marketing of a certain brand. Why does someone buy a perfume. Is it for the scent he or she likes or for having a bottle or brand's name stuffed somewhere on the dresser? We presume it is the first, because of the scent he or she likes.
We have our offices in Bangkok, Thailand. From here we are managing, manufacturing and distributing our products all over the world.

Main office Only legal issues for Thailand concerning:



  • Licenses
  • Taxes
  • Human Resources
  • Administration
Main office address  Top Secret International Co., Ltd.
14/116 Ramkhamhaeng 60/2 
Bang Kapi
Company registration number 010 555 516 2463
Branch office Issues concerning:


  • Manufacturing
  • National & International distribution
  • National & International sales and marketing
  • Returns / Warranties
Branch office address Top Secret International Co., Ltd.
608 Asoke - Din Daeng Road
Din Daeng


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