Multi Level Marketing Top Secret Cosmetics.
MLM, Multi Level Marketing, is the so called Network Marketing. Everyone has a network that is larger than people think. Through social media such as Facebook they have "friends", some of us even many or a lot of "friends". Your network consists not only of your direct "friends" but also the "friends" of "friends" of "friends" of "friends" of your "friends" and so on.
For the promotion of our website and the sale of our products we would like to use your network and we will reward you for this. To have the network and your earnings grow, we request you to approach your  "friends" also to participate. It's free and you can earn lots of money. For every direct sale you'll receive 10% commission. On a sale, generated by a "friend" you'll receive a 5% commission. On sales generated by a "friend" of a "friend" you'll receive 4% commission. And this goes up to 10 layers (levels) deep. See the diagram.
Suppose there are only (!) 2 sales per layer per period generated. We set the (average) sales amount (without thinking about the various currencies) for the convenience at 100.
Level Sales Commission Earnings / Level Total Eanings
1 2 10,0 % 20 20
2 4 5,0 % 20 40
3 8 4,0 % 32 72
4 16 3,0 % 48 120
5 32 2,0 % 64 184
6 64 1,0 % 64 248
7 128 0,5 % 64 312
8 256 0,5 % 128 440
9 512 0,5 % 256 696
10 1024 0,5 % 512 1208
In this example, we assume the minimum is only 2 purchases per period. This can also be a factor of 10, 100, 1000 or more. It depends on the promotion, the number of links to our site, the number of participants and the size of the period (this can be hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, ... ). But to keep it short. The more promotion of our site, the more you earn.
Who, where and how, can you promote ???
Who can become an affiliate ? Everybody. Regardless of age, sex, religion, preferences or whatever. We don't have any minimum or maximum age limits. All over the world, from the Arctic to the Antarctic and everything in between.
  • WHERE ???
  • HOW ??
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tagged
  • Pinterest
  • Classifieds
  • Forums
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Hyves
  • Own websites
  • Logo
  • Weblogs / Blogs
  • Banner
  • Advertorial
  • Maybe you have an idea your own.
The ones above are just examples. There are plenty of other ways to promote our website.


Our MLM rules.
All fees are net / net. You don't need to share your commission with anyone. The person in the layer above or below you, will receive his or her commission directly from us. On your commission is no tax withheld. It is exempted from tax!! We will also never inform third parties or authorities, governments, who, what, where and how much anyone receives or has received.
The commission is paid monthly when higher than U.S. $ 100, -. Commissions lower than U.S. $ 100, - are being paid at the end of the year.
In case we observe fraud, the account will be canceled. All rights to receive payments will be canceled.
Disclaimer  We can never be held responsible for any form of damage caused by use or abuse of the free offered affiliate program.


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